Journey to Big Sur

Chris Nielsen Photography - Highway 1

Dark, rainy Central Valley,
in a ponder,
thinking, daydreaming.
Big Sur —
where primeval redwoods
reach for the ever stirring Pacific.

A need to go,
to be there.
No ties to bind,
freedom is the word,
all else left behind.

Gas up the old Bonneville,
a few snacks,
blanket and jacket.
Turn on the radio,
point the car with big bones
west and north,
Big Sur bound.

58 to 1,
raindrops fall on winding roads,
wipers swish.
Headlights cut through black night,
Byrds sing Tambourine Man.
Arrival imminent,

Solitude is not lonely,
bonding with the best of nature.
Sacred evergreen, salt sea air.

Water droplets gently misting
through the night,
sky to trees
in rhyming rhythm
landing on the roof.
Dozing in the spacious back seat,
windows cracked,
essential healing atmosphere,
easy breathing,
sweet peaceful dreams.

Glorious grey morning
wet, breezy,
soaked shoes and hat.
Hiking among giants,
nose filled with wondrous mingling scents of
Madrone, Incense Cedar, Deerweed, Wild Hyacinth.
Birds sing notes carried on the soft rain.
Restorative spirits move freely
through a waiting, warm, open soul.

Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn
welcoming coffee aroma
fills the rustic fire warmed room.
Sipping Vienna Roast, just a little cream.
Happy cold fingers swiftly scribbling notes.

Observing through the large picture window
the stormy Pacific,
wave after wave,
arrive with relentless purpose,
coming ashore to Big Sur.

– ©Chris Nielsen 2018
– image – Along Highway 1
©Chris Nielsen 1979