Foggy Forest MorningThe Trees

The trees the trees the trees
Sun hot above the canopy
Cool breeze shade green below
Flakes of sun filtering through
Briefly flickering like fireflies
Lighting darting disappearing
Insects buzzing mingling in
Birds add their songs
To the peaceful symphony

Lying in the forest grass
Poetry in motion all around
Breathe it in fully
Holding on holding on
Troubles slowly escape
Feeling each one blow away
Does the wind ever get so full
It cannot carry any more
No wonder it sometimes howls

Water from the stream is calling
Moving effortlessly on its course
Over sand rocks and logs
Making a path in its own way
Through over and around
Falling gathering flowing
Giving life as it passes
Carrying away as it departs
River lake sea skies clouds rain

Drinking from the stream
Living is refreshed
The green meadow flourishes
Graceful flowers grow
Sunlight journeys to earth
Giving vital energy to all
Bees and birds carry on
The spirit here is strong
The trees the trees the trees

– ©Chris Nielsen 2017
– image – Foggy Forest Morning ©Chris Nielsen 1982