PHOTO POETRY – Images and Words


Who doesn’t like clocks
Would rather know time
To feel it…

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When the fertile soil is neatly worked
Rows evenly spaced and planted
Seeds ready waiting to germinate…

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Light Under The Door

Keeping inside in outside out
Hold on to lasting impressions
The soul is willing though
Little escapes gravity’s pull…

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The Trees

The trees the trees the trees
Sun hot above the canopy
Cool breeze shade green below
Flakes of sun filtering through…

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Always keeping one eye on the light
knowing the darkness is here
right in front of us…

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The Rock

The rock has a story
most rocks do
they may not tell it
so I will tell you…

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Sunsets – Out West

Open lands,
open skies
that’s the dream
and reality…

The Abandoned Cotton Gin

Workers’ voices carry
black and white newsreel plays
machinery echoes