poetry with images…

Chris Nielsen Photography - Old BarnOld Barns

This old barn
propped up
patched roof
boarded over
wind moves freely
decaying hay
strewn a-scatter
rusty iron implements
ghosts of ruminants
no trespassing
creeping weeds surround
edging ever upward
as walls slither
sliding down
the elements
with gravity
always win

– ©Chris Nielsen 2018
– image – Old Barn
©Chris Nielsen 2014

Chris Nielsen Photography - Out WestOut West

Seemingly endless wide open spaces
mountains, hills and valleys
the earth with her tones
water in blessed places
out west…

– ©Chris Nielsen 2018
– image – Out West
©Chris Nielsen 2018


Poem Tree

Each leaf unique
in its own place and time

Some leaves are growing
in the breeze

Some leaves have fallen
carried away by storms

Some leaves have yet to grow
in wait of sprouting
then to uncurl
spreading out
washed by soft rain
painted by the sun

Some leaves remain
hidden by dark

– ©Chris Nielsen 2017
– image – Eucalyptus
©Chris Nielsen 2017

Chris Nielsen Photography - The RoadBackroads

The highway is just fine
if all you want to do
is get somewhere
in a hurry

The backroads
are for when
you really want to live

– ©Chris Nielsen 2017
– image – The Road
©Chris Nielsen 2017


When the fertile soil is neatly worked
Rows evenly spaced and planted
Seeds ready waiting to germinate
Water delivered by sky or ground
Harvests to abound

The brow of a farmer furrows too
Craggy and not so even
Furtive beads of sweat
Beset by constant worry
Hope does not hurry

– ©Chris Nielsen 2017
– image – Furrows
©Chris Nielsen 1978

Chris Nielsen PhotographyEarly one morning

Early one morning
still awakening
sitting, pondering
things small and great
of sky and earth
and in-between
what gifts these are
given freely
taken in
and given away

– ©Chris Nielsen 2017
– image – Early Morning
©Chris Nielsen 2017

Light Under The Door

Keeping inside in outside out
Hold on to lasting impressions
The soul is willing though
Little escapes gravity’s pull
Like light from under a door
On the darkest of nights
Icebergs only show a tip
Beneath the surface mystery reigns
No encore, the bands play on
Memories a silent sound
The world stage spins casually ‘round

– ©Chris Nielsen 2014
– image – Light From Under The Door ©Chris Nielsen 2017

Chris Nielsen PhotographySometimes a quiet notion…

Your hand on my shoulder
My arms around you
Gazing into each other’s eyes
You whisper into my ear
Just what I want to hear
Suddenly awake
How many times
Must this dream play on
Hope it never ends
Wishing it had never begun

– ©Chris Nielsen 2017
– image – Big Sky Clouds ©Chris Nielsen 2002

Every Sunset Tells a Story

Storybook SunsetA good time to reflect on our day
as the sun settles into evening
what did we do and say
for good or naught
a kind word or act
something that can’t be bought
for someone in need
tired, alone and waiting
for a simple good deed

Our troubles may be many
still we carry on
knowing there isn’t any
who escape this plight
only those souls
who have taken flight
may we live though
to make a better day
granted one more tomorrow

Chris Nielsen 2017
image – Storybook Sunset – 2012

The Trees

Foggy Forest MorningThe trees the trees the trees
Sun hot above the canopy
Cool breeze shade green below
Flakes of sun filtering through
Briefly flickering like fireflies
Lighting darting disappearing
Insects buzzing mingling in
Birds add their songs
To the peaceful symphony

Lying in the forest grass
Poetry in motion all around
Breathe it in fully
Holding on holding on
Troubles slowly escape
Feeling each one blow away
Does the wind ever get so full
It cannot carry any more
No wonder it sometimes howls

Water from the stream is calling
Moving effortlessly on its course
Over sand rocks and logs
Making a path in its own way
Through over and around
Falling gathering flowing
Giving life as it passes
Carrying away as it departs
River lake sea skies clouds rain

Drinking from the stream
Living is refreshed
The green meadow flourishes
Graceful flowers grow
Sunlight journeys to earth
Giving vital energy to all
Bees and birds carry on
The spirit here is strong
The trees the trees the trees

– ©Chris Nielsen 2017
– image – Foggy Forest Morning ©Chris Nielsen 1982

I Dream in Sunsets…
– © Chris Nielsen 2017

I Dream In Sunsets

– © Chris Nielsen 2017


Always keeping one eye on the light
knowing the darkness is here
right in front of us…

Sometimes it’s on my mind
or through the glass
but it is there, still there

The light shines the other way
then comes back around
lighthouse rhythm

On the rocks below
crashing anguished cries
waves reaching high

An unheard prayer
falls back to earth
returned to sender

Waiting for love to return
flowing in a stream
reflects glowing lights

– © Chris Nielsen 2017

The Rock

The rock has a story
most rocks do
they may not tell it
so I will tell you

This rock is where love became more than hope
paths had crossed
they climbed up the mountain as two
walked down together as one

Their souls poured out to each other
tears of sorrow and joy shared
arms around one another

A chance was taken
by each one
and both together

Into the night
the moon watched
the stars were right

From laughter to solitude
weathering the storms
the rock
resolute and silent
still there

On the rock today
what would have been missed
without climbing up
reaching out
holding on…

– © Chris Nielsen 2017

Star In The Sky

There is a star in the sky
Its light touches earth
Reaches across the empty void
That we have felt inside
A teardrop rolls down our cheek
Lands on a flower not in vain
The bloom glistens in the sun
Autumn winds blow across the land
A leaf falls and flies away
A new destination awaits
Winter long finally fades
Warmth breaks through the clouds
Spring and new hopes arrive
Night falls again
A star shines in the sky

– © Chris Nielsen 2017

Chris Nielsen Photography



Chris Nielsen Photography